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Working with you to make feeding and mealtimes joyful.

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Emily Hayes

Emily, completed her speech pathology degree in 2000. Over her years as practising as a speech pathologist, she has developed a special interest in paediatric feeding and orofacial myology.

Our Commitment

Hayes Speech Pathology is committed to providing services and therapy that address the client as a whole person. We consider the entire medical, behavioural and sensory aspects impacting on any challenges faced by our clients. We strive to consider each patient as a member of a unique family when providing suggestions and strategies to overcome these challenges. We partner with parents, carers and other health professionals to work towards building a solution for these challenges.

Working with you to make feeding and mealtimes joyful.

Our Services

Services available include assessments and therapy for children and adults with:

Feeding and eating challenges
Babies struggling with breast or bottle feeding.
Difficulties transitioning children to solid foods and lumpy foods.
Challenges accepting an appropriate variety of foods.
Adults having trouble swallowing which may result in starting to cough when drinking and eating,
developing chest infections and/or losing weight.

Tongue tie and upper lip tie.

Oral habits such as thumb sucking and tongue thrust swallow.

Abnormal swallow patterns or oral habits which are moving teeth.

Booking an appointment

Appointments are available during business hours on Wednesdays.

Appointments can be made by calling – Monday or Friday +61 8 8562 2005 or
Tuesday thru Thursday +61 8 8523 5638

Clinic rooms are located with Natalie Hooper Occupational Therapy at 169 Murray Street, Gawler.