Your first appointment

At your first appointment you can expect the speech pathologist to be gathering information about your child’s general development and more specifically about their current and past eating and drinking.

The speech pathologist will also be keen to observe your child eating and/or drinking. If at all possible it’s a good idea to refrain from feeding your child (including milk drinks) for at least 2 hours prior to the appointment.

Please bring with you the following items as relevant for your child’s stage of feeding:

  • some foods your child likes to eat and some they find challenging to eat
  • a made up bottle
  • If you have tried several teats bring them along too just in case we want to look at them feeding from a variety of teats
  • If your child has a preference for a certain sippy cup or any other feeding utensils bring these along also
  • Your child’s Blue Book including growth charts

Fee Schedule

Initial Consult (45 minutes) – $200.00
Initial Consult (90 minutes) – $250.00

In order to obtain adequate background information and undertake a complete assessment of your child, we strongly recommend undertaking a 90-minute initial consult.

Therapy session (30 minutes) – $90.00
Therapy session (45 minutes) – $120.00
Comprehensive written report – $180.00

If inadequate notice is provided cancellation fees may apply.

NDIS clients will be charged at the rate set by NDIA.

A Chronic Disease Management Plan can be obtained from a GP where appropriate, a rebate of $52.95 can then be claimed from the above fees.

*These fees are subject to changes. Where a written quote has been requested please refer to the written quote provided for accurate fees.