Evidence-based feeding therapy

Whilst eating and drinking should come naturally, Hayes Speech Pathology understands that it is actually one of the most complex tasks we learn. It is one of the only activities humans do that involve all of our senses and requires the development of fine motor oral skills. In fact, research has suggested that for up to 80% of children with disabilities, eating can be a real challenge.

Providing your child with good nutrition and joy from food is one of the most important tasks we have as a parent. However, we understand there may be medical, physical or behavioural reasons outside your control, which makes feeding your child a challenge.

Common reasons that families need feeding therapy.

  • Is your child fed via a nasogastric or would you like your NG or PEG fed child to learn to eat and drink some or more food and fluids orally?
  • Does your child have a sensory processing disorder or sensory processing challenges that impact their feeding?
  • Does your child resist trying new foods?
  • Does your child have a limited variety of foods that they will eat?
  • Does your child cough, choke or gag on fluid or food?
  • Are you having difficulties transitioning your child to solid and lumpy foods?
  • Does your child prefer white and beige foods only?


Personalised Practical Advice

Whether it’s little ones who are having trouble getting the food they need or a mental or physical condition that prevents your child from eating the traditional way with a knife and fork at the dinner table, you are not on the journey alone. With professional and personal experience in this field, our team can support you and your family along the way.

Although this can seem confronting or embarrassing, we have seen children from all backgrounds, all ages and with a variety of medical conditions who struggle with feeding. We have practical solutions that can be tailored to your situation as we work together to ensure your child is both well fed and happy.

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