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Here is a collection of resources, recipes & downloads you can use to start positive changes to your mealtimes. Small changes can make all the difference.

Tongue Thrust Course

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Adding variety to the plate

Adding Variety to the Plate is a self-guided online course for parents and carers who have fussy eaters. It has nine lessons, complete with printable resources that will take you on a step-by-step journey to assist you in teaching your child to love a variety of foods so that the whole family can enjoy happy, calm mealtimes.

  • Lesson 1: Welcome
  • Lesson 2: Adjusting your mindset
  • Lesson 3: Stages of feeding and skill level
  • Lesson 4: Atmosphere
  • Lesson 5: Mealtime roles
  • Lesson 6: Wholesome mealtimes language
  • Lesson 7: Exploring foods
  • Lesson 8: Setting yourself up for success
  • Lesson 9: Planning

Articles & Information

Learn more from Emily Hayes in our resource hub.

Unexpected fussy eating hack

Unexpected fussy eating hack

This unexpected fussy eating hack really works! It sounds counter intuitive, doesn’t it? You want your child to eat a healthier diet and yet I am about to recommend a food item that we usually associate with having absolutely no nutritional value

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Nutritious & Delicious Smoothies

Nutritious & Delicious Smoothies

Another of my tried and tested techniques for fussy eaters is smoothies. Smoothies have so many benefits for kids learning to eat a variety of foods and, like sprinkles, are non-confrontational for many fussy eaters.

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