Mealtimes should not be a chore

Mealtimes are not just for nourishing your body; they are so much more than that. Family mealtimes are a time when relationships are formed, memories are created, social skills are developed, positive connections are made, and good habits fostered. In fact, research has shown that sitting down as a family for a meal can be as important to a child’s future development as reading books nightly.

However, it can be hard to enjoy mealtimes when they often end in tears, tantrums and frustration as your child won’t eat what is put in front of them. We understand that as a parent, you want to look after your child’s health and ensure they are consuming a nutritious diet.

Let’s face it, nobody ever planned to be the parent that fed their child toast, chicken nuggets or potato chips for most of their meals. Despite your best efforts, hours of googling and wasted cooking, nothing seems to work

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your child refuses to eat vegetables or fears new foods?
  • Your child screws up their nose, says “yuck!” or pushes away the dinner you have made?
  • You end up cooking separate dinners for the kids, or individual family members?
  • You structure your day and/or your family outings around what your child will/won’t eat?
  • Mealtimes are a battleground as the dinner you made for the whole family ends up across the floor and the tears and tantrums flow faster than the meal being eaten?
  • Your family has lost the value of shared mealtimes, and you fear the next meal?



Adding variety to the plate

We support families of fussy eaters and empower them with ways to foster positive experiences with food. There can be many reasons why your child is a picky eater and there are several ways to help. Hayes Speech Pathology has adopted evidence based approach and clinically proven ways to assist families through these challenging mealtimes.

In crisis cases, where the child is nutritionally deficient, has complex medical or behavioural issues, or needs practitioner attention, our Feeding Therapy services are often able to improve the situation.

However, we understand for many parents of picky eaters, you do not need or want to spend hours with a speech therapist – you just want solutions you can implement now at home. This is why our founder, Emily Hayes, created “Adding Variety to the Plate.

Adding Variety to the Plate is a self-guided online course for parents and carers who have fussy eaters. It has nine lessons, complete with printable resources that will take you on a step-by-step journey to assist you in teaching your child to love a variety of foods so that the whole family can enjoy happy, calm mealtimes.


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